The Gothic Palace

The Offering

By C'iana

As I lie upon my bed awake,
   I think of your seductive song.
A passionate vision I partake,
   I wish to spend life long.

Your midnight hair touches my face,
   The feeling of silken steel crashing.
Over my body in this place,
   Where I have lain my offering.

Beneath a strong brow lie eyes,
   That see not only skin but soul.
In this eternal moment I realize,
   It is my heart you wish to console.

A prisoner of your tender embrace,
   I begin to weep.
Kissing away the tears on my face,
   You bring forth emotions hidden deep.

Protective walls crashing down,
   This all consuming love.
Lover's entwined, eternally bound,
   Ecstasy falling from heaven above.

The intoxicating smell of you,
   Your lips as sweet as honey wine.
I dreamt of you my whole life through,
   Now sharing eternal life, yours and mine.

Your eyes as deep as the Caspian Sea,
   Stare into my secret desires.
My heart fills with glee,
   Your love holds me and inspires.

So, I await you under the stars, my love,
   With my heart, soul, mind, and body.

I offer you forever,
            To love,
                  To hope,
                           To Dream.

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