The Gothic Palace

Dark Angels Fall...

By C'iana

Of Darkness and Light he may be,
His mystery draws you in.
An ancient spirit is he,
His passions radiate from within.

Warlock or Wiseman, no one knows.
His eyes, dark and deep stare into your soul.
Feeling your love as it flows,
He steals you away, heart, soul, & mind, whole.

My Dark Angel, He walks the Light alone,
My love falls on him like spring rain.
His heart, a prison of his own,
My love only brings him pain.

His hair, like finest black gossamer,
His eyes, how like moonlit pools of dark water,
His lips, soft as rose petals,
But his broken heart , surrounded by thorny nettles.

I try to show him the way but it seems to be too hard.
We are together, Maybe...
His silence stabs my heart like a crystal shard.
I show him love but he can not see.

I await him as I sit under the stars,
My lonely heart consumes me,
Emptiness holds fast my heart,
It is hope of love it bars,
Alone, fated angels, lovers are we.
Apart, Eternally shall we be.

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