The Gothic Palace

The Hunger... ... ...

By C'iana

I am spell bound
Come to me
I beg and plead for thee.
My eternal Beloved, my heart bleeds evermore,
Your desire overwhelms me, as I quietly implore.
Take this flesh, so sweet my soul,
Take my love and make yourself whole.

Timeless, without age
Perfect Beauty, Perfect Rage.
I live for you to love me, I bleed,
My only gift, your hunger to feed.
Lust and Blood, entwined as one,
Embracing my soul on teeth and tongue.

The Eternal Moon full,
Night's velevet breeze on my skin so cool.
In shadows, there you stand,
Your sensuous body, but not a man.
Your touch, welcoming my flesh you mold,
Death you are, Release I hold.

Here I stand, arms out held,
Beckoning for you, our bodies meld.
Lover's embrace, passion too strong,
Nothing could ever make me long.
But my need for you, you need my fire,
Tonight shall be the last that I hold desire.

Porcelain hands, caressing my soul,
My heart dying in your hold.
Fevored touch, I've never felt before,
Luscious pain, too glorious to ignore.
Our souls bound, one and the same,
My life's blood, freely given to drain.

Drop by drop, always wanting more,
Release I give thee, my life no more.

Awakened to the Night, I see your lips,
Beauty there, those canine razor tips.
So wet with my essense, a lover's smile,
Begging, Your slave, to last a while.
Your gift, this strong embrace,
Beauty beheld, on an angel's face.

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