The Gothic Palace

Grant Me Your Eternal Love

By C'iana

Permit me to gaze at the moonlit
Masterpiece of thy mouth
And educate myself in it's
Many moods and delightful contortions.

Allow me to marvel at thy perfect bow
From which Lord Eros sped his gilt
Wooden shafts of desire
Through my tumultuous unbeating heart.

Let me became gloriously enraptured
As thy lips dance my name
And exquisitely pour forth "I love you"
Into the labyrinth contours of my impassioned ear.

Bestow unto me the honeyed taste of those
Two extensions of thy mouth's perfect beauty
With delectable sweetness in a fleeting
Eternity which I wish would never end.

Bequeath to me your slender sighs
Filling the darkened night
Until the waking dawn
When I must e'er depart.

Treat me with thine velvet kisses
From thy magnificent mortal vampire mouth
And I promise I will take thee
With mine canine razor tips.

And then you shalt be mine for all eternity.

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